The history of Pizzeria Golobček begun long before its opening. In 1966 Stojan Golob ate his first pizza when the smell and the taste of it fascinated him.

When eleven years later he and his wife Anka visited Tenerife, Stojan got a buisness idea about having his own pizzeria. He saw that in one of the pizzerias they baked pizzas in a masonry oven but the most he enjoyed watching a baker playing with dough. In that moment he decided to have his own pizzeria.

In the beginning of the year 1988, Stojan and his family, begun with construction work in Stojan’s birth house in a center of Vransko. As a new guy in this business he had a lot of questions; how to make a pizzeria, where to put an oven, what kind of equipment does he need and many other important questions. He collected information visiting other pizzerias in Slovenia and in foreign.

When all of the construction works were finished there was only one more problem left. Stojan needed to learn how to make and bake pizza. He asked his friend Ivan Kapetanović to help him with his knowledge. Ivan offered Stojan to come in his pizzeria to watch the process of pizza making. He gave him a day to watch but the catch was that he wasn’t allowed to write down or make photos. He could only take the information that he memorized. When he came home he immediately began to practice and step by step his pizza got the taste that he wanted. 

But before he opened the pizzeria he invited his friends to try his product. He baked 2700 pizzas before he sold the first one.


On Sunday, the first of October 1989, Stojan decided to open the pizzeria for public.

The Golobček Pizzeria is a family restaurant from the beginning and it is trying to stay that way.

At its opening pizzeria had only four guest tables but today there can eat 50 guests at the time. There is also a beautiful garden opened in summer time where you can bring your pets with. Family Golob upgraded their buisness idea with an opening of Bed&Pizza Hostel in 8 of june 2012. Son Miha and his partner Jelka renovated the upper part of pizzeria and they made a beautiful hostel out of it.